Dirt 2 PC Delayed For DirectX 11

The PC version of Colin McRae: Dirt 2 is being driven to December in order to make sure the title supports the hardware tessellation, multi-threading and Shader Model 5.0 technology coming in DirectX 11.

DirectX 11 already? Most games are still trying to catch up to DirectX 10 support, but Codemasters wants to make sure they deliver the "most realistic, immersive and exhilarating racing experiences in the business", and that means the Games for Windows Live version of Dirt 2 is just going to have to wait a few months. With the console versions still on target for a September release, PC users will have to wait until December before they get a much nicer version of the title, provided they have the hardware to support it, of course.

Why not simply release the game and patch in DX11 support later? Perhaps Codemasters is taking a cue from the previous generation, where PC developers' promised Direct X 10 patches trickled out far later than originally planned, impressing less people in the process.


    Isn't this what happened to Halo 2?
    we all know how that delay went.
    i bet "piracy" has also to do with something, or CodeMasters is just too lazy to patch a game.

      DirectX11 creates some architectural changes in the way the game is technically designed. Its not something you would want to patch.

      How many potential buyers would own a PC capable of DX11, software or hardware wise? Relatively few I would think.

      I think it's an excellent strategy.

      By taking advantage of DirectX 11 in time for release, they receive the "first to market" advantage, as well as extra marketing support from Microsoft and graphics chip manufacturers (Nvidia and ATI).

      If any chip manufacturer (gigabyte, msi, xfx, sapphire etc) decides to bundle a game with their new DX11 hardware, Dirt2 would be available from day 1. That's potentially a lot of extra sales for CodeMasters. This would also create a sale from a potential pirate. This is strictly my opinion, but i'd bet that there's a higher piracy rate per capita, from those who are comfortable enough upgrade their own graphics card, compared to avg johnny, who's parents purchase his computer from Harvey Norman.

      Additionally they'll make much larger profits from the console versions, so any risk involved in delaying the release for the PC won't be that great.

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