Disgaea 3 Getting Trophies In Exchange For Save Data

Disgaea 3 is finally getting trophy support next week, which means it's time to dust off those discs and back up your save files, because once you patch the game, they'll be completely useless.

The Disgaea 3 trophy patch goes live on July 16th, adding in the ability for players to earn coveted trophy points for achieving various goals. Unfortunately, most players will have to achieve those goals all over again, as the patch will render all of their Disgaea 3 save files useless. The official press release for the announcement contains the following warning in bright red type: CAUTION: Trophy Patch Update will make old save data unusable.

Disgaea 3 is the sort of game that one can play for 100's of hours, so news of a patch that renders such progress null and void might as well have been titled "Don't Download This Patch" as far as most fans are concerned. The only alternative I can see is to back up your save files, just in case, start a new game to unlock trophies, and then uninstall the patch when you are done in order to access your previous saves.

That's an awful lot of hoops to jump through, but if you really want those trophies, then there you go. Me? I think I'll pass.


    Wow, and yet there'll still be people who patch and don't realise I bet :P

    Well anyone half way through Disgaea 3 now will be pretty pissed...

      It won't be those that are half way through the game that will be pissed. Those that are at end game and have spent like a 100+ hours gaining perfect rarity 0 equipment, maxing out characters and so on will be the pissed ones. Imagine pouring all that work in and then BAM, gone.

        I'm half way through right about now and im pretty damn pissed. Can i just deny it the update? Who gives a crap about trophies just quietly.

    Which is why I've safely kept my copy still sealed.
    Sucks for most, but I anticipated this. Man, after Oblivion on the PC...

    i'm on chapter 5 and i almost downloaded the patch. good thing i didn't though

    No! My save data! I will get my revenge psn!

    I don' know, weddo. My save data is muy bien.

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