DJ Hero Scores The Fresh Prince's Other Half

DJ Hero might be scoring quite a few new preorders with the news that DJ Jazzy Jeff is contributing his likeness and tracks to the game.

While we kid DJ Jazzy Jeff for his ties to Will Smith's Fresh Prince character, the man is actually a damn fine DJ, as well as a record producer and actor. Okay, maybe actor is stretching things a bit, but I do remember being particularly moved whenever Uncle Phil threw his character Jazz out of the house on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Along with being a playable character, Jeff is also bringing two exclusive mixes to the party - Tears for Fears "Shout" vs. Eric B. & Rakim "Eric B. Is President" and LL Cool J "Rock the Bells" vs. The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra "Bittersweet Symphony" - both of which should add a healthy dose of old school flavor to whatever else the game is spinning up.


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