Don't Copy That Floppy: The Next Generation

MC Double Def DP's 1992 hit "Don't Copy That Floppy" is getting a modern-day update, once again unleashing the industry's number one weapon against software piracy - rap music.

Kids, if you pirate software, your mother will be dragged into the street and beaten by the police. At least that seems to be the message in the preview video from the Software & Information Industry Association, which features cheeky teens copying games, parents resisting arrest with kitchen utensils, and anime prison tattoos. Double Def DP returns from the 1991 original, still proudly kicking the mildly sexually suggestive name. And just when you think it can't get any more surreal, the Klingons show up.

The SIIA website says that the full video is coming this summer, though I'm betting they showed the best bits in this teaser and the rest of it is perfectly normal and thought provoking. Still, it's good to see that the association hasn't abandoned its fighting software piracy through sheer absurdity strategy after all these years.

Coming Summer 2009! [Software & Information Industry Association via Game Politics]


    Golden!! hehehe

    I hate rap music - thats why this never worked on me... Try harder industry.

    Haha that's so stupid; 90's campiness has made a return.

    Was anyone else getting a Tay Zonday vibe from Double Def DP?

    Isnt this the guy that sings 'What What in the Butt'?.. lol.. the lyrics even have 'what what' in them..

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