Don't Expect PS3 Games On Demand Any Time Soon

Microsoft are 100% behind the idea of allowing users to download full, retail copies of Xbox 360 games. But the PS3? Hmmm.

Despite the fact Sony essentially pioneered the idea on home consoles, with games like Warhawk, GT5 Prologue and Siren (and EA's Burnout Paradise) already available for download, when it comes to adopting the concept as a full-scale service, Sony's Eric Lempel sees some problems:

It's not something we have planned, just because the size of the games is massive. With Blu-ray we can put up to 50 gigs on a dual-layer disc, while [Xbox 360]is still on a 9-gig media. So technically it's possible, but I think the issue would be, 'Do you want to download 40 gigs and keep that on your hard drive?

Uh, fine, but what about the games that don't take up 40GB? If multiplatform games are going to be available on Microsoft's store, but not Sony's, it's going to make that comment look a bit silly.

Interview: Sony Not Playing 'Catch Up' with Xbox Live Anymore [Industrygamers]


    even multiplat games sometimes take up a greater amount of space, so it's not silly at all. I really don't find the idea appealing to download a full 20 gig game even, which is no where near a full bluray and almost a third of my bandwidth allownace.

    What is offered on the store is enough for the level of bandwidth that especially australia has.

    Good call from Sony really. Makes a lot of sense. But exactly WHAT games use the whole capacity of a Blu-Ray disc and push the capacity to its limits.

    Answer: Not Many.

    Either way - that kinda service is probably going to be the future. But i believe discs will be around for a long time yet.

    But if Microsoft do seriously adapt to this for the Xbox 360 (and if Sony eventually do to if its successful) then they really gotta look into the HDD point of view. 120GB for the Elite seems a lot at the moment, but it won't be so if this sort of service becomes available for a wide variety of games. It's going to be at the point where 200+ will be the standard for HDDs.

    Unless there is the option that you can "delete" a game to make room. But re-download it or store it on another device (most probably a Microsoft device...$$$) that way you can play it again without be charged a second time.

    Keep in mind - often discs are structured,padded, or data duplicated to speed up load times.

    MS implemented that HDD install feature for all games - which must make this feature even easier for them to implement across all games. But there are still games like Halo3 - that don't run right off HDD. These games are likely to be altered for downloadable versions.

    With Blu-rays space - there's no telling how much padding/duplication has been used to ease loading times. But Warhawk,GT5P and Burnout weren't really large downloads - no where near DVD size even. There was extra stuff on the disc versions for WH and GT.

    I think for Sony to implement this across all their back catalog - will be much harder than it is for MS.

    But I've got 250GB spare atm, so bring it on!

    "With Blu-ray we can put up to 50 gigs "

    Note the keyword: "can"

    It's a lousy justification. The vast majority of games on the PS3 do not use 50GB, nor anywhere near it. And those that do, shouldn't. See: MGS4 The Movie.

      This is one comment that really annoyes me...I remeber a day where we would be playing the mega-drive or super nintendo and imagining playing games that were like a that they're here everyone moans about it...anyways, thats my two cents.

      As for the story, I agree with it...I for one dont want to be using up all my bandwidth on downloading games...I think that Microsoft at times tends to forget that internet access isnt as readily availble like it is in the USA, some of us are still stuck on crappy infrastructure, download limits and a crappy government that does not want to do anything about it, except put a filter over it...

    Why is everyone so impatient these days? They are focusing on releasing PS1 titles and we will start to see a lot of award-winning PS2 titles for download in the future. Americans have a hard time understanding Japanese business practices. As I live in Japan I can tell you that businesses always focus on the long-term here, especially a company like Sony that invests a lot in engineering and development. I agree that the PS3 is overpriced in competition with the Wii and XBOX right now but Sony is easily the highest quality piece of equipment on the market. You cant expect it to be the same price as the Xbox. As Sony increases the quality of their online services and the range of first-party titles increase that use the processing power of the unit I can only hope people will start to see the value of the unit. But atm visible difference in game quality does not exist (except for titles like Killzone 2 that is not obvious to the casual gamer) and as Xbox Live is a faster and standadized service across titles I see every ounce of logic is someone buying a Xbox to save money during the recession and take advantage of its movie services, etc. However, as HDMI Tvs continues to take off, online services like Home/ PSN continue to improve and as numbers of Blu-ray sales continue to rapidly increase (3.1 million so far this year in England), the next few years should at least see the PS3 overtake the Xbox in numbers if only as a media centre. Just dont expect a price drop until its actually finacially liable for Sony to do so.

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