Don't Go Looking For Gears Of War With Natal Controls

Microsoft's motion control platform doesn't look like it's going to find its way into future Gears of War games — at least according to the game's designer, Cliff Bleszinski.

On Major Nelson's podcast, the game designer explained, "If there's any future Gears products [coughs elaborately] , it's not the kind of thing you tag onto a game like that, right?"


"So what you have is the 360 which has captured a lot of the video viewing audience [with]movies and Netflix," Bleszinski continued, "it's captured a lot of the online gaming, it's captured a lot of the hardcore games, and you know segue that in, so now you have your yoga program, now you have your dodgeball thing, you have the creepy kid Milo who wants to drown you in the pond — you can do all of it."


"Will it replace traditional gaming? No," he said, "but it's another amazing way that we can expand the gaming experience to a wider audience and enhance what's already there."

But, but, but, what about our Gears of War yoga dodgeball game with a creepy kid? Not making that game, dude, would be a huge mistake.

Show #326: Gaming in Germany, Gears of War and 'Splosion Man [Major Nelson via Eurogamer via VG247]

Comments & cover around the house.
    I can picture it now; diving behind the couch, knocking over everything, broken necks.
    Probably not a good idea..

    not all games are suited for full body movements ... but I must agree about that Milo kid, every time I see that clip i still don't trust him saying 'step up to the water' ... sooner or later he will push you in

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