Dragon Age Collector's Edition Gets Mass Effect 2 Bonus

BioWare will be issuing a collector's edition for Dragon Age: Origins, one that Mass Effect completists should probably pay attention to. Details on the higher priced option reveal an exclusive unlockable for the developers other big upcoming role-playing game.

GameStop, by way of Destructoid, has details on the Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition, which packs in more than just a cloth map. But still, cloth map!! Big spenders will also get an unlockable "exclusive in-game item for use in the upcoming title Mass Effect 2."

Full contents after this.

  • Tin Case
  • Bonus DVD including:
    • A making of documentary
    • Soundtrack
    • Trailers
    • Wallpaper
    • Concept art video
    • Strategy tips.
  • Cloth Map
  • 3 pieces of exclusive in-game content:
    • Bergens Honor
    • Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes
    • Final Reason
  • The Stone Prisoner" unlockable bonus quest and unlockable character, Shale
  • An unlockable exclusive in-game item for use in the upcoming title Mass Effect 2

Dragon Age Origins Collector's Edition - with Bonus! [GameStop via Destructoid]


    Damn it I hate that crap. I thought only MMOs did this sort of thing so you could grow your ePenis. Whats the point of having an "exclusive" item in an offline game? It surely won't be powerful because that would unbalance the game.
    *shakes head* tsk.

    The collector's edition is pretty nice. But personally I've always preferred goodies like Art books.

    Man I wish they'd put a novel in or something.

    Normally this would piss me right off, but considering i'm getting it anyway, its not that big of a deal

    And as usual, I'm sure it'll be like $130 at EB vs $80 at JB...

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