EA Provides "Girls", Asks Gamers To Sin To Win

Electronic Arts is asking Comic-Con goers to "sin to win" a dinner and "sinful night with two hot girls, a limo service, paparazzi and a chest full of booty."

To enter the contest, conventioneers need to "commit acts of lust" by taking photos with the models working the Dante's Inferno booth or any other booth babes at the show. Those photos then need to be uploaded to Twitter, Facebook or emailed to Electronic Arts.

The contest details, emblazoned on the chest of a woman in faux tattoo, also offers five runner-up prizes which includes a copy of the game, a $US240 EA gift card, a limited edition shirt and "tons more swag."

No word if that swag includes brass knuckles.

As of publishing only one person had entered the contest via Twitter, though plenty of people have complained about it.


    I read the first paragraph and was all "wow, EA is providing hookers! Finally, they're doing something decent!"

    do they mean hookers with "booty"?

    well, at least EA is offering gamers the chance to score at least once in there lifetimes. lol

    "Sin to win" ...jesus.

    They are literally whoring Dante's Inferno. Why couldn't they just join the winner on a one-way trip to Judecca's Bottom?

    So...where's the appropriate contest for the ladies?

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