EA, Sega On IPhone 3G Vs 3GS

As we've warned you about, one day soon, there will be games that will only run on the iPhone 3GS, which is bad news for the 40 million people in possession of an iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch (2nd gen).

While that day isn't imminent, you can tell from the following statements provided by publishers to IndustryGamers that it's not in the distant future, either.

EA's Travis Boatman: "To take full advantage of the new capabilities of the 3GS, our development teams will create an additional version specifically for it, so that our products will be available and enjoyable no matter which iPhone or iPod touch a consumer has. This is a common practice in mobile development and the EA Mobile culture and infrastructure allows us to excel at it."

Sega's Paxton LaZar: "Sega will continue to deliver apps to all available hardware at the highest quality that the hardware will allow. Sega will continue to develop games for the 3G iPhones and for appropriate games we will also deliver versions with added and/or improved features/content to take full advantage of the extra power afforded by the new 3GS model."

"It's no different than having multiple versions of a game across console, handheld and the different varieties of smartphones."

Digital Chocolate's Trip Hawkins: "It's all good. When new models come out they offer higher performance and new features that we can grow into."

"And the other good news is that the older models usually come down in price and more people can afford them. So we have reason to support both. Also, often the same product, without changes, will just perform better on the new models because of faster data speeds or better memory management or a nicer sound system."

For more comments from mobile developers, check out IG's full report at the link below.

iPhone 3G vs. 3GS: Developers Speak Up [IndustryGamers]


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