Eat Up This God Eater Trailer

Namco Bandai's God Eater is coming to Japanese PSPs this fall, and it still really looks like Monster Hunter, giant swords and giant monsters and all.


    At first glance I would call this a Monster Hunter ripoff but the gameplay seems more like a fast paced, easy, hack 'n' slash game. The apparently post apocalyptic world is alot different from the villages you are used to in Monster Hunter and the graphics look absolutely horrible compared to Monster Hunter's graphics. As you can see there are combo and anime style attacks performed like the "staying in the air by hitting something with a sword repeatedly" attack. One of the big similarities I can see is the Bowgun weapon which could just as easily be a modern grenade launcher. Overall I think the game is significantly different from Monster Hunter in the way the monsters behave, the setting, graphics and gameplay. If we were to call this game a Monster Hunter ripoff after looking into it further, that would be calling any game with giant monsters to be slain a Monster Hunter ripoff, eg. God of War.

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