Ecko Release The Ugliest Halo Shirts In The Known Universe

There are people who do video game t-shirts the right way. People like Meat Bun, and King of Games. Then there are people who do video game shirts the wrong way. Like Hot Topic, and Mark Ecko.

Just take a look at Ecko's new range of Halo shirts, featuring six designs that you would expect to see adorning an unlicensed beach towel in a South-East Asian marketplace. You certainly wouldn't expect to see them on a t-shirt that costs $US32. Or $US38, even, which is the ludicrous price two of them are listed at.

Ecko Halo [Ecko, via Giant Bomb]


    I rather like their looks personally. Except maybe the bottom right one. But then I have flashy club shirts and T-shirts. Probably not typical gamer wear :/

    Wiggers will eat these shirts up, just like the Bathing Ape shit.

    People would pay that kind of money for one of these? The designs look cheap and gaudy.

      I fear for the future.

    These look handy! I could always use another rag to dry my car with

    I could get an oil rag for free, or a few bucks and it would still look better than those shirts.


    I lolled at the spiral one.. looks as if some Elite got high on Acid before fighting the Master Chief....

    God these are awful. It looks like they did a rush job with stock Halo images. Copy/paste/Rotate/Copy/Paste/Rotate etc

    The only decent one is the bottom Right one and even that's average. Ecko is a tasteless hack.

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