Effort Begun To Remove Trademark Troll From IGDA Board

Effort Begun To Remove Trademark Troll From IGDA Board

Tim Langdell’s not really a developer – “litigator” might be a better job description – but the Lord of Edge is really on the IGDA board. Now someone’s started a petition to remove him.

This is a little more meaningful than your average ranting internet petition. It was begun by International Game Developers Association member Michael Lubker, and is only taking signatures from IGDA members. Lubker, like many others, is repulsed by Langdell’s campaign of harassment against anyone who produces a game – something Langdell has not done in 15 years – whose title or branding somehow invokes the unique word he trademarked, which is “Edge.”

We’ve chronicled his shenanigans before, as recently as this past weekend. These aren’t isolated incidents, folks. Just now he’s gotten Mobigames’ Edge, which brought this mess back into the public consciousness in May, re-yanked from the iTunes App store. Moreover, Langdell has alleged that Edge is somehow an infringement on his own game of 1986, something called Bobby Bearing, which is itself a ripoff of Marble Madness.

Back to the IGDA: In his argument, Corvus cites the relevant portion of the bylaws in his argument for Langdell’s removal. Basically, they need 10 percent of the membership to demand a vote on the removal of Langdell from the board of directors. I’ve gotten word that this movement was afoot already, but the anti-Langdell side was having difficulty getting a membership mailing list from the IGDA. I’m not sure what the leadership’s posture would be toward a petition hosted on a third-party site, whose only means of verification is a self-entered membership number.

But if anything, it continues to force the issue on Langdell’s obnoxious behaviour and the embarrassing association the IGDA has with this man. More than a few others have told me no one really paid any attention to the voting on the board membership in the past; if nothing else, maybe people will now.

IGDA Forums – Call for the Removal of Tim Langdell [IGDA]


  • This troll must be eliminated.

    Times like this I wish there was a Garbage-Space-Canon to shoot this troll out of our planet. To keep it more clean and nice.

  • I honestly can’t BELIEVE that a WORD can be “trademarked”. No, really. And I really MEAN that.
    Stop a second and think about this: how ridiculous is that someone can “TRADEMARK” a plain english vocabulary free for everyone to use, for himself to make money? WHAT IF we one day will have to pay DOLLARS for every word we use to write on the net? what if we even have to pay if we READ those words?

    Aren’t we heading to some really, really ridiculous future here?
    You can sue anybody who tries to use “edge” in their products? (sure sure, blablabla it’s only in gaming industry or software business blablablablablablablablablablablablabla)

    I hate that troll idiot a lot, but even more I loathe the current “trademarking” system that’s heading to really, really, sad future.

  • You can’t ‘trademark’ a word in ordinary usage. A trademark is a logo, sound, phrase etc. He is able to cause trouble because it’s too costly for corporations and game developers to litigate against him.

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