Eidos Once Again Attempting To Mess With Review Scores

Longtime silent champion/nitpicker of the British gaming press, The RAM Raider, has a post on their blog highlighting Eidos' latest alleged public relations faux pas, this time involving review scores and cover placement for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Yes, this is the same Eidos behind the Kane & Lynch fiasco with GameSpot. Behind voting for their own games in a game of the year poll. Behind attempts to fix Tomb Raider review scores.

Sure, they're far from the only company to try this sort of thing with magazines (businesses gotta make money, yo), but they're far and away the worst at covering their tracks.

According to The RAM Raider, the company's latest misstep the following absurd policy:

Several mags have their review code already, but have to sit on their reviews until a hateful embargo expires at the end of the month. But Eidos, ever the helpful fellows that they are, have been offering a way around this embargo. If you dedicate the cover of your mag to Arkham Asylum and guarantee a score of at least 90%, Eidos will allow you to run the review early.

TRR says that while "one editor has already valiantly told Eidos to fuck off", others have been less resolute. "This means", they say, "that if you see a mag turn up within the next few weeks (ding!) that features Arkham Asylum on its cover (ding!) and gives it at least 90% (ding ding ding!), you have a winner."

With the publishing arm of Eidos soon to be rebranded as part of the Square Enix empire, it's a shame that, if true, this is probably the last thing they're going to be remembered for.

We've contacted Eidos for comment, and will update if we hear back from them.

Eidos Seek 90% Score & Cover For Arkham Asylum In Exchange For Early Review [The RAM Raider]


    If they're not confident in their games, they could always, y'know, make better ones...

      Thats some dangerous thinking there Matfei.

    Yeah, it's Eidos, but isn't that a common trend with most embargos? IGN has mentioned this on podcasts before that if they decide to give a game a good score, sometimes publishers let them post early. If your score is not affected by this urge to release early, there is no issue here.

    But this is Eidos, and on their forth strike.

    "We’ve contacted Eidos for comment, and will update if we hear back from them."

    Sure, but you'll only get to post their response after you run a story on the awesomeness of Batman AA..

    So theres the catch.. if Kotaku post a response we know they are Edios' bitch..

    No response simply means Edios comes out looking gutless..

      How's that padded cell treating you?

    There's too much symbiosis between game journalism & game publishers.

    Game journalists need to protect their editorial AT ALL COSTS.

    As players mature they will see the value of true independent game journalism (I hope).

    Who gives a flying secks who posts it early. Id rather hear news that was trust worthy opposed to some dirty commy match fixing business. This is the exact reason why I dont trust cnet for gadget and reviews.

    Gamespot lost all integrity when they pulled that stunt with Kane & Lynch. And that why everyone goes to Kotaku :)

    i wonder what Jeff Gerstmann thinks of this?

    lol, what a joke, im sure they wouldve learnt the first couple of times. Sure the new batman game might be looking good and the hype with it but a stunt like this can only hurt the game. shame on you EIDOS.

    I'll wait for Yahtzee's review anyway.

      please tell me you don't buy your games based soley on Yahtzee's reviews...

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