Epic Games Exec Doesn't Think Nintendo Owns This Generation

The Wii is hugely popular with lots of people. Some people, though, are more wary of the Wii. One of those is Epic Games boss Mark Rein.

"People talk about, 'The Wii has run away with this generation.' I don't think that's true," Rein told game site Eurogamer. "Nintendo's made a lot of money and the software developers on that platform are scratching for seconds. Microsoft is clearly a big market for third-party games. PS3 has a smaller installed base, but it's still millions of users."

But Nintendo has sold a gajillion Wiis! The install base is so impressive. Rein is more impressed apparently with Microsoft's Natal controller.

"The whole concept of playing a game without a controller is very intriguing," he said. "Take EA Sports Active on the Wii. It's a great game but it's not very compelling to have to have all that extra hardware attached to your body. If you made a game like that for Natal — and I'm sure EA is doing it - Natal could just look at you and tell if you're doing the exercises properly." Anything could be your controller, the exec added.

Epic's Mark Rein Interview [Eurogamer via GoNintendo]


    Epic + Gears of war = Microsoft suckup

    Epic can go to hell for all I care, no support at all for Australian localization online, they just spat in our faces and held onto their America is the world ideology.

    They think Microsoft's idea is great? Big surprise, guess who hands them bundles of money.

      Mate it aint just Epic doing so. I think EA releasing servers for Aussies with Battlefield 1943 is the first case i have come across where they have given us our own servers in a very long time. And thats for an Arcade game, one that isnt HEAPS popular like Gears.

      But i'm totally on your side when these developers can't give us our own servers for top-selling popular games when our market is probably only behind UK, US & Japan. Besides our market is most likely connected to NZ for servers etc... that adds a few!

    Another day, another developer knocking the Wii. What else is new?

    Jealousy is rife once more?

    Basically, the Wii has run away with this generation, the others are still very much there, can't deny that. But that was just like how I would say the PS2 ran off with the last generation, and the N64 took the one before that.

    Competitors are still there, but the "run-away favourite" is easy to discern.

      Interesting take but it's a waiting game, and also depending on how long this generation lasts.

      The N64 didn't run away with the generation compared with the ps1 in sales and lifespan

      PS1 flattened N64 dude. Sony have owned the past two generations, which in itself is quite impressive because they've been the two biggest EVER.

    It's not actually like that, they don't allow you to search for Australian hosted games, they force you to join American games, then penalize you if you leave early, even if it is due to lag.

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