Epic Honcho Says Money Woes Made PS3 Cut Impossible

We always love it when one business comments on another business's business. In this case, Epic's Mark Rein says a PS3 price cut everyone's whined for would have made a bad year worse for Sony.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Rein, the Epic vice president, said Sony has "their own financial issues to solve and lowering the price of the console would probably have made their situation worse."

"They will get around to it in their own good time," he said. "If you're willing to look at this as a long-term play, they're going to be just fine."

What's more, if the Gears of War 2 install base is any indication, there's still a lot of life for the current console generation to live, making a price cut now somewhat less urgent. Fewer than half of those who played Gears 2 have HDTVs, Rein said. And, "ff the systems that are out there now, the majority of them aren't plugged into HDTVs. So there's no way we're ready for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox Whatever."

Epic's Mark Rein [Eurogamer via GamesIndustry.biz]


    Isn't this what Sony was saying the whole time?

    Yeah, this is what Sony are saying. But everytime they do everyone gets PMT & has a cry about it. Saying they're using it as an excuse etc.. etc..

    I think it's good that Epic have come out and said this. People need to know, its not just Sony (who make the final call anyway) are FOR the whole, no-price-cut yet. It's better to hear from companies like Epic cause they make the games & they look at things like sales of a console to decide whether to develop for it and they are WITH Sony on this call.

    I'm with Sony too. I mean if they start cutting there prices every year by large margins, by the time this generation is over, which is meant to be beyond 2012, then these consoles will be selling for cheaper than the PS2 right now.

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