Europe Finally Getting PSN Cards

Asian markets have had them forever, Americans have had them for a while, and hey, even Canadians can now purchase PlayStation Network pre-paid cards. But what about Europe?

Looks like European markets may finally be getting them as well. A report on PS3-Sense points out a retailer listing for a European PSN card, complete with pricing in Euros (there's both a €20 and €50 card listed). While the retailer is careful to point out that this isn't the official pack art for the cards (which we'd imagine in Europe would ship in multiple languages), they do suggest an October release date, which just happens to coincide with the lauch of the PSPgo.

Contacted for comment, Sony Computer Entertainment would only say they "would not comment on rumour and speculation".

PSN-cards voor Europa bevestigd tegenover winkels [PS3-Sense, via TheOddOne @ NeoGAF]


    i wonder when australia will get them, or will we get screwed over again, plus i prefer these to prepaid credit cards as they are less hassle and i actually get to use all my money

    is there gonna be any for Australia?

    Would the Europe ones work on our consoles? I'll settle on ordering them if I can get some LBP costumes

    Yes, Australia needs them too.
    I want Flower already TT_TT

    they are cumin to australia in 30/10/09

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