First Command & Conquer 4 Screenshot

First came the announcement, then came another announcement, and now we have the first screenshot for Command & Conquer 4, the game that promises to finally wind up the "Tiberium" storyline.

Does the world really need another game where giant robots fight other giant robots? Stupid question. Of course it does.

Click the above pic to embiggen.

Command & Conquer 4 Q&A - Exclusive First Details [GameSpot]



    ruined already. Mammoth MkII makes me sick.

    ...Why does every unit have legs? The plans to tank tracks were lost forever?

    WOOHOO! Another fail CnC.

    There's a unit in there with Tank tracks.

    This one is going to be strange if its set after Cnc 3. They stopped making the MkII becoz it wasnt feasible...

    Seems like they landed in some planet other than Earth. NOD wants tiberium. And GDI wants to stop them. Then NOD decides that they wanna go to space. And they go to space, so it seems GDI.

    And they became the Terrans in Starcraft.....

    Those units are not very attractive at all....

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