First Look At A Proper Prince Of Persia Movie Poster

While a preview poster went up last year for Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming Prince of Persia flick, it was just a tease. A logo and not much else. Today, Empire gives us our first look at some real posters.

Not what you'd expect, are they? Really clean, and modern. No tacky "Persian" logo, no silly pose modelled off a game cover. Nothing tipping you off to the fact this is a movie based on a video game series.

Which, after Max Payne and Hitman, is probably a smart way of going about it.

Exclusive: Prince of Persia Pictures [Empire]


    You're right, they're not what I expected at all.

    If I hadn't heard of the Prince of Persia before, I would be pretty unsure what this movie was going to be about - going by these posters.

    They would be 'edgy'...if it weren't for the Walt Disney logos lol. Oh, and Jake's puppy dog eyes.

    Posters are terrible - they completely go against the feel of the film. This is a fun, Jerry Bruckheimer summer blockbuster is it not? Not some faux gritty action movie starring Jason Statham.

    The logoype is is far too plain and modern. Is Jake modelling for Calvin Klein? I preferred the cheesy Persian script.

    Disney + movie = bad :(

    We're lucky it doesn't say "From the makers of Aladdin..."

    They kind of look like GQ covers haha, but to be honest, they are aesthetically pleasing. The Walt Disney logo sits oddly with the sans font though

    Think they're going for the pirates of the carribean look, could work out, who knows.

    Yeah the typeface doesn't do anything for me. Would have benefitted from a lack of disney branding as well.

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