Footage Leaked Of XBL Avatar Golf Game?

Four user videos up on Gametrailers show what looks like an avatar-based golf game for the Xbox 360.

From the footage it looks like the project is still under development. But with Xbox Live releasing Joy Ride - an avatar-based racing game - it's not out of the realm of possibility they'd do something like this, too.

The big question will be if this is a fun casual game without motion control, which is more than half the fun in something like Wii Sports.

We've emailed a Microsoft PR rep to see if they want to comment or swat this rumour. If we hear anything we'll let you know.

Leaked Xbox 360 Avatar Golf [Gametrailers via Joystiq]


    Who cares?

    IT's a good idea to use avatar as game chracters, but I'm not so sure about paying for the costume though...

    Well MS can't ride this off on, we don't comment on rumours.

    So footage of Xbox Avatars in obviously a Xbox developed game for avatars isn't enough to prove it ain't a RUMOUR which is actually hearsay. This is visual proof.

    After watching the vid, i would imagine the game to be controller based. Not motion controller.

    It just seems to me that when going to put it into the hole, it seemed the angle etc.. looked a bit difficult to do so, so easily with your hands. However i haven't used Natal obviously, so we don't know. I mean it aint the first Avatar game, but it would make sense to be motion control.

    Maybe both, hopefully for those who will get Natal & those who won't.

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