Forza 3 Screens Make Even A Toyota Yaris Look Good

Here's some new screens from Forza 3, featuring a wide range of vehicles, from the humble Honda Jazz to an Impreza STi all the way up to some LeMans-lookin' cars.


    They.. REAL!

    WOW!. I know that I am not really contributing to this post but... WOW!

    Cars look good but the rest of it looks like shit!

      It's called motion blur.

    Take a look at the Lexus image then have a look at this:

    GT5 still looks like it's in a league of its own Graphically. I have GT5:Prologue and the Graphics still amaze me, so who know's what another 2 years of programming is going to squeeze out of the console.

    if the upside to having slightly less graphical prowess than GT:5 is cars that take damage and roll as well as an actual honest to god legit release date, then I'll take the crappy graphics anytime.

    Forza 2 didn't even have crappy graphics... the race tracks looked like race tracks. I seriously think that people whom complain about this haven't actually visited a track EVER in their life. Not to mention that apart from the track, you never really have time to admire the scenery. GT may look better but Forza has overtaken it by leaps and bounds when it comes to physics and racing gameplay. Forza 3 looks amazing, theres nothing else that can be said in that regard.

    Yes there is something else to say. I do notice the surroundings whilst I am tearing past as 200+km/h. The real life counterpart of Silverstone for instance is nowhere near as barren as Forza's version. Also the new GT will have damage (I know, it's been a while, but with the fact that there has been no online mode with previous versions, damage is irrelevant because only you care when your damaged, Bots don't). Have you ever looked at the side mirrors on Forza2 cars? They are just a kaleidoscope effect. And the "reflections" flicker across the car. You might think these are Mute points also, but that's the difference between GT polish, and another 360 rush job.

    Oh, and physics... GT still wins.

      If you believe GT5 physics still win over Forza you are delusional... GT not even in the same ballpark - bodyroll, wheelspin, steering - have you even driven a car?

      As soon as anyone claims GT>Forza I pretty much disregard anything they say because you'd have to be friggin' 'tarded to believe it...

      And, so you know, I don't care which is the "winner" I prefer to play whatever is best and currently Forza spanks GT like a red headed stepchild...

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