Funcom Wants You Back In Age Of Conan

It's been a year of big changes for Age of Conan, and developer Funcom thinks it's time that everyone who fled the game comes back and see how the renovations have gone.

Age of Conan launched to a massive response last year, only to quickly begin hemorrhaging players due to a lack of promised features and an end game that wasn't quite there. The developer has spent the better part of a year working on those issues, losing a game director in the process, and now they feel they are ready to give it another go. From now through July 22nd, lapsed payers can visit the AoC re-evaluation website, returning to Hyboria for up to two week's worth of barbarian battling.

"For anyone with an inactive account who ever thought about giving it another try, this is your chance," says Morten Larssen, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom. "After the hugely successful launch last year we immediately started working on updates that would make the game better and provide more content for players, and that is what we have been doing this past year. With the most recent update just out the door, this is the time to ask players to come back and see the results!"

It's a very enthusiast, upbeat way of saying please please please come back to us. Come on guys, they miss you.


    i actually got this game free with a copy of online gamer (terrible magazine FYI, worst i have ever read actually), but it took forever to install and even after leaving my pc overnight to download updates, it was still updating, so that put me off and i'm still yet to play it...

    Hmm this is a great idea, I'm gonna go home and fire up my topless ladies (ie.e re-install) tonight for the first time in months!

    I bought AoC when it came out. First 20 levels were great but lost momentum for me.

    I always thought it had a lot of promise so I will definitely be re-evaluating it.

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