Gamer Girl Says Get Over Gamer Girls

Despite women's documented surge in gaming, "somehow, gamer girls retain their aura of mystery," writes Dairuka Sutain. "Gamer girls are not special anymore. Take them off the pedestal."

Sutain believes two types of misogyny are at work in the Gamer Girl stereotype - the first is condescension, that if women aren't less skilled at popular games, they're at least less serious. The second is the ridicule of men who are less worthy performers or competitors in games with female co-players.

If you dare to turn on the TV, you'll see gamer girls flaunted in video game commercials, while on the Internet, they're placed up on a pedestal in tongue-in-cheek music videos sponsored by G4. Through no fault of their own, every single gamer girl in the world has suddenly been lumped into one gigantic generalization that was obviously based on the same types of misogynistic fables that I used to have back when I was young. [...]

It's time equality took its place up on the pedestal. Stop the egotistical ranting about where a woman belongs. Stop the senseless mocking of men who have lost to a more skilled female player. Women not only belong in gaming, they excel at it. So quit making excuses when you lose, while acting as if women aren't up to snuff.

Although as a white guy, it rarely, if ever, happens to me, I can understand how a marketing stereotype presuming to speak for my experience would be off-putting, to say the least. But that's how marketers operate, reducing things to symbols and then attaching a value to it.

The issue of online behaviour is something that will be persistently disappointing, however, to anyone expecting better of gamers. Patronising or misogynistic behaviour, like racist or homphobic comments, isn't going to go away because of well written arguments or appeals to character. It hasn't gone away, fully, in other settings, has it?

Gamer Girls Aren't So Special Anymore [Busted Analog]


    So.. she's saying men shouldn't be ridiculed for losing to women because women are better than men anyway? At least thats my interpretation of the last paragraph of the quote.

    I was expecting read something that basically said male or female, its the individual that makes the difference... oh well :/

      No, she's saying that any comparison using sex as the determination for skill is wrong. In this case, to put down a male player for being beaten by a female player purely because she is female is offensive to the female player.

      I've been witness to this through the eyes of my sister. I encouraged her to try online gaming years ago with FPS's and she's been hooked ever since. It is a fairly regular occurance for female gamers to be the object of various types of undesirable behaviour, fortunately my sister is fairly thick skinned and also takes pleasure in undermining the "little boys" that make a big deal out of her gender.

      From what I've seen it is getting better, but there are still a lot of under-socialised male gamers out there that don't yet have the skills to deal with females in their online social life.

        So true Roger, I've seen guys say the most horrible things with absolutely no provocation. It's like they have no mothers.

      " Gamer girls aint so special anymore" because Girl gamers these days spend more time taking photo's with there controller then they do playing cod. Its ridiculous to be honest. I get called so many names these days just by winning a good match of COD, because girls have put out a bad reputation on us. I never put makeup on just to play a good game of COD or put short shorts on. I sit there eating like a little fatty, hair up in a mess , boyfriends trackies on, biggest jumper i can find. Like wtf... since when was being a girl gamer about our appearances! Meh thats just my take. GOOD article tho :) big PROPS!

    This calls for a scientific experiment!

      please tell me we get to cut up a gamer of both sexes, both dressed like kermit?!

    Perhaps she should redirect her thoughts to her sisters who insists on forming "Girl Gamer" groups. Groups that rely on getting attention (and advertising dollars) through the selling of the idea of sex to young males.

    These groups can't have it both ways. They can't claim to be objectified while they simultaneously present themselves as the sexy component of gaming, specifically drawing attention to themselves as sexual gamers.

      Here here!
      But damn, they are hot! lol

      Seriously though - it's just not fair.. if i advertised my 1337 skillz online with hot shorts and a crop top... well... i think i'd actually be arrested...

    As a lesbian gamer geek, I say: Gamer girls are hot.

    'Nuff said. ;)

    Well, personally, I don't think this is such a big deal.

    I guess if you play something like CS or some other repugnant game where all of the trolls go anyway, you're going to get some form of insult.

    I personally play TF2, I play it a lot infact, and I rarely get any insult or over-nicety from anybody.

    I play a lot of medic, and am generally in the top two of my team, so usually beating most of the rest of my team, and most of the other. I've never once had somebody tell me I was crap because I'm female.

    If anything, I've experienced people being over protective of me, like... "Don't touch Fraggles, or I will beat the crap out of you..." Then after about ten minutes of playing with me, and me saying "I'm a big girl, I can handle myself." They get the picture and cut it out.

    I personally have noticed more bad behavior of females in my travels.
    I was playing not so long ago on a server, and this chick was mouthing off about what she was wearing... She was sitting at the middle of the score board, so I was kinda sad, because she knew what she was doing to some extent, and was just lapping up the attention. I told her to shut up, and her reply was "I'm a girl!" mine was "So am I, and I'm sick of your shit."

    So consider this, that female gamers sometimes want the attention and the jokes, the drama and the trolls... We're nothing special, just less common, and all minoroties gain attention. Until the sides are more even, this will be a big deal.

    I say move on, and learn to drown out the trolls, be happy you're beating them. Don't give a crap that they still think they're better than you, because you know better.


      I think that moving on and drowning out the trolls is a mature idea, and so is the idea of being indifferent to the gender of fellow gamers.

      However, by discriminating between CS players and TF2 players (CS has a repugnant crowd and TF2 has a superior one), you just shift intolerance from one form of labeling to another in a purely hypocritical manner. You do realise that anyone who plays medic the whole is guaranteed to get a high score? - it is because you are not actually doing anything relatively nearly as skillful as the combat classes, you are just running around next to some team mates the entire time and firing off ubers intermittently.

      TF2 gets its share of 'repugnant' behaviour in pub servers as well namely in the form of team stacks (since one player cannot make much difference compared to other games like CS). TF2 is a much more forgiving game in terms of its mechanics, where as CS can be quite brutal; the attitude of the different audience reflects this. Many people play both games as do I, and it does not do your statement any good by labeling other games and their audiences.

        Good point.
        I don't think that medic is a total no brainer, and it's not a guarantee to be in the top of the scores, but I do play a bit of sniper and spy, also engie and pyro. I'm good with all of them. Attacking my favourite class is not the best way to go about your argument either.

        I'm sorry to bring up CS in a negetive light, I guess it's more to do with being bad at it than anything. It takes time to get good at something, and with constantly being called a noob and whatnot, I'm less inclined to stick around and improve.

        I think one of the main differences between girl and male gamers, is that not many of us have your solid foundations.
        You started on games at a very young age, as did I, however it was Pokemon and Monkey Island... Not doom or quake.
        So it takes me a little bit longer to get past the first learning curve.

        However, even the good players in that game can't live for a moment without somebody saying they are hacking. It's tedious and I find that the community breeds trolls. Sure, I know a few people who play it... They are not bad people, but the general population is a lot less friendly over all, to male or female gamers.


        haha, good point and well taken. The point I conveniently forget to mention was that medics are one of the most critical indicators of how successful a team will be, given that TF2 is heavily team based.

        I'm unfortunately the kind of person who only plays support classes when absolutely necessary. Choice of class is as much a choice based on ability as it is a choice based on individual play styles and preferences.

        I know what you mean about the trolls also; being a capable player I've had my fair share of hackusations as well. I think that troll behaviour is a combination of internet anonymity combined with immature & under-aged/developed kids playing these games.

        Keep fragging.

    i reiterate girl gamers don't exist, marketing and PR ppl invented them

      They're all men pretending, right?

      I think that only applies to World of Warcraft :D

    Oh thank christ its about time this was vocalised.

    We really do need to get over gender anything.

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