GameStop's "Huge Sale" Does Indeed Seem Huge

As you know, GameStop have kicked off a big, big summer sale, with $US100 Guitar Hero World Tour band kits just the start. Those looking for smaller boxes can also find a ton of great games, all for under $US20.

GameStop are advertising that there will be "thousands" of games for sale under $US20, and while they probably mean units of stock rather than actual titles, there's still some good bargains to be had.

Some of the sub-$20 games include:

Spore Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Force Unleashed LEGO: Batman Prince of Persia Infinite Undiscovery Chrono Trigger Bionic Commando Assassin's Creed

And plenty more. Also, it's worth noting the crazy Guitar Hero deal is only for a limited time, with the offer due to expire on July 12. After that, there'll be two more "major offers", one from July 15-17 and one from July 22-25.

Kotaku AU Note: Obviously Gamestop is a US chain, but - hey- if you're heading over there, might be a good idea to get some games shopping in.

[GameStop Summer Sale]


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