Gears Of War Armour Coming To Your Avatar

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson showed off some new Gears of War gear that will be coming to hordes of Xbox 360 Avatars this year. Look how adorable your personal COG soldier will be.

Epic will also be giving serious Gears fans a chance to dress like their favourite Locust beast, a look that's still human, but with just enough alien to make it convincing.

Start saving up those Microsoft Points, kids. While Bleszinksi and Fergusson didn't put a price on these new Avatar get ups, we have to imagine they'll cost you something.


    Yeah people can say what they want about the Avatar Marketplace being useless and whatnot...

    But Im totally buying COG Armour for my Avatar...they better have Lancer's as well...

      Enjoy the overpriced novelty.

      I guess you're also the type of person to spend $6 on a new ringtone when you can download the whole track from itunes for about $1?

      This whole spending money on your avatar is the most lame idea. How long before they start an avatar beauty pageant? No wait, don't steal that idea off me Microsoft - I want royalties.

        Umm yeah...

        The ringtone I have right now cost me $0...since you know, you can use Google and download things from Free.

        240 points is what, bout $4? I could go and buy an overpriced coffee...or a Coke from so cafe.

        I wanna have a bit of fun with the Avatar. Man you guys are dicks sometimes.

    i hope games start offering avatar content via achievements. obviously sourcing the content from the said game disc

      Agreed, I want major acheivements (Complete story, complete 100% etc) Perhaps 1-2 of the biggest acheivements to award Avatar clothing. Imaging completing 100% of GTA Vice City and actually wearing the "I completed Vice City and all i got was this lousy T-Shirt" T-Shirt around the marketplace. That is Hardcore!
      I don't disagree that if you want to spend the money then you are free to but if they offer free acheivement based content along side of the premium paid-for content, the free stuff will likely be rubbish!

    Looks like cogs are suffering from bad cases of anorexia all of a sudden... so now at least we know who the cast of gears 3 is.. marcus, cole, dom, baird and nicole richie...

    Complete the game, get the armor. But they sell themes rather than give them to you with the game you just paid for so you'll have to buy em. Me I don't pay for themes or clothes for an Avatar.

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