Get A Taste Of Bullshit!'s Video Game Episode

Magical duo Penn and Teller's Showtime series Bullshit! will focus on the topic of video game violence this week, as long-promised, tapping self-proclaimed video game violence experts who we expect will have insightful and informed perspectives to offer.

While the show will tap mentally rickety individuals who say regrettable things like "Grand Theft Auto is the worst assault on children since polio," it will also feature illustrative charts and graphs, as seen in this newest preview for the new episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit! Armed with a handy visual aid in this snippet is Chris Cooney, who drives the point... somewhere with his "Fire Triangle" diagram, complete with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold imagery for maximum scariness.

Can't say that Bullshit!'s one of my favourite shows, as the episodes I've seen haven't left me feeling that much more informed, but this episode should be interesting. Check your local listings and all that.

Bullshit! [Showtime via GameStooge]


    video down?
    bummer, i like the show (even though it seems to be getting worse and worse each season)

    I used to like it, the show started off pretty well, but went downhill pretty fast I think. Despite their research some of their claims that various things are "bullshit" are pretty dodgy at best. Some conclusions they draw are flat-out wrong, or only apply to a small minority.

    Seems more of an outlet for Penn to drop the f-bomb every second word and show gratuitous nudity if anything. But I might watch this episode just out of interest. I have a feeling it's going to follow a similar route to the drugs episode they did in the first season.

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