Get Your Australian Xbox Live Stats Here

Get Your Australian Xbox Live Stats Here
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Microsoft just dropped a bunch of Xbox Live related statistics on us. Let’s sort through them.

* First, a bit of perspective. Guess how many Xbox 360 consoles have been sold in Australia and New Zealand to date?

If you said “over 734,000”, you can give yourself a big tick.

* Guess how many of them are connected to Xbox Live?

Is that “over 400,000” I hear? Yes it is. (When asked, Microsoft said that over 50% of this figure are Gold subscribers, meaning there’s a local online multiplayer audience of somewhere just over 200,000 people.)

* Guess how many hours of Xbox Live usage Australian and New Zealand gamers have clocked up so far this year?

Well done to those who answered “101 million hours”. (Whether that stat includes all those hours I’ve left my console idling on the dashboard while connected to Live, I’m not sure.)

* Guess how many things you’ve downloaded from Xbox Live in the last 12 months?

That’s right, it’s “6.4 million”, including everything from demos to DLC to that Rumble Roses gamerpic you immediately regretted.

* And finally, can you guess how that compares to last year?

What’s that? Xbox Live content downloads are indeed up 39% compared to the same period last year.

So there you go. Anything there you find particularly interesting?


    • Your maths is screwy. It works out to around 5 hours per week connected to Live. Note that isn’t 5 hours playing online games, it’s just connected to the network.

  • Quite impressed. But the Wii really is dominating here!
    Considering the Wii is at a million i’m pretty sure i remember reading, it will take a while before either the PS3 or 360 get to that!

    Maybe these stats mean we will have better servers dedicated to Aussie Gamers yeah?!

    • hmmm yes the wii has more sales but no where near the amount of online games or content. Funny, isnt that what were talking about here?

      • I acknowledge that. I was pretty much just talking out loud. “The freaking Wii”

        The Xbox IMO is the standout of all 3. With the online service, games, content etc…
        Although i do admit with the cost of content & live (and the RROD) is a bit much to take. The money we do pay for Live goes a long way with the service we are provided.

        However with all this advertising etc… going on, i can’t help but question Microsofts decisions with the cost of Live & content.

  • I’ve had to replace my 360 four times – is that taken into account with the stats?

    How about all the other people who bought a 360 on day one and the DVD-rom died on the 13th month? – which is why I’ve had to replace my 360’s… oh and one was red ring.

    This could be also play a part with the Xbox Live statistic.

    Before the fangirls get their claws out – Sony’s online stats aren’t exactly solid either… but instead of replacing consoles, users can create multiple online accounts on a single PS3 so yeah – I acknowledge that too.

    • The 734,000 figure is retail sales, as tracked by GfK. So if your console died under warranty and you were sent a replacement, this doesn’t count. If you actually bought a new one, it would add to the tally.

      The Live account stat is as ambiguous as you describe, and of course the situation is exactly the same with PSN accounts.

      • I for one only have one Live account because Microsoft is so intent on not taking my money if something I want is from another country.

        I have several PSN accounts however, one for Australia, one for America, and will probably have a Japanese one in a few months if they ever release Rock Band Japan.

      • No sadly I’ve had to purchase 4 seperate 360 consoles.

        I got a Pro on launch, then two arcade models so I could use my same hard drive but the dvd’s died and I’m currently using an elite and the dvd has just started to play up a little and it’s coming up to 12 months.

    • That happened to me too – my account from original Xbox got suspended because they couldn’t process my credit card.

      • Yeah I had to battle with Microsoft due to the fact that if you ever use a credit card to re-new your subscription they will automatically bill your credit card at the end of that subscription (supposedly it says this somewhere in the fine print).
        My credit card had expired so I figured I’d just ignore it. But ended up on the phone to microsoft for about an hour having an argument because they said I not only had to pay but I would be charged a dishonour fee. So in the end I had to give them my new expiry date so they could charge my card.

        Then once the payment was approved I asked them to remove my credit card details from the system but was told they could not do that until the end of my subscription period and I would have to call again.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue, thought it’s doubtful Microsoft will actually do anything about it. How hard is it to either write a system that automatically downgrades instead of suspends or just have a button to downgrade your account?

  • yes the advertising thing does raise some eyebrows, i think apart from the laggish menu’s atm, advertising is really going to tick me off. It better be subscription free if there going to pull that crap.

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