Get Your Words In Serious Sam HD

Get Your Words In Serious Sam HD

CDV Software and Majesco are giving players a chance to put their words in Serious Sam’s mouth, with the Serious Tweet contest.

Serious Sam HD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PC this year, and you can have your own witty quip immortalised in the game. Between July 15th and July 30th, fans of the serious can use Twitter to send their suggestions for a witty catch phrase to @devolverdigital. The winning entry will have their line read by John J. Dick, the voice of Sam, and will also get a shout-out in the game’s credits.

“I never get any thanks for the wonderfully poetic and emotionally layered lines I write for Sam ‘Serious’ Stone,” said an overworked and underpaid writer at Croteam “So guess what? Let someone else take a crack at it and see how hard it is. These witty remarks don’t write themselves you know.”

The winner will be announced in early August to followers of Feel free to share your ideas below, but I’d suggest submitting your entry first, as our comment system is filled with pirates.

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