Ghostbusters Out In Europe In October

Ghostbusters is out in Europe right now. Provided, that is, you want it on PS3 or PS2. If you want it on PC, 360, Wii or DS, though, it's not out now. You'll have to wait until October.

Atari have today announced that the versions of the game not covered by their controversial partial-publishing deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be out in October 23.

That amounts to just over a four month delay. Which for many games would be murderous, but then, it's taken 25 years since Ghostbusters for this to turn up. Another four months isn't going to hurt the marketing for this game.

Ghostbusters for 360 gets release date [Eurogamer]


    I don't think there is going to be a market for that version of the game.

    Given that the Aussie dollar has been doing well against the US, most would have imported it by now.

    I've only tested it in an old XBLA-less profile but I can safely say the game works without issue.

    Sure does. Multiplayer is laggy as all buggery though.

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