Giving Voice To The Old Republic

We've already heard the script for Star Wars: The Old Republic is more than 40 novels long. In this developer discussion, BioWare talks about the effort and why this is a game changer.

SW:TOR promises a fully voiced, more immersive MMO experience - between player and NPC, player and quest-giver, etc. The result, they hope, is a deeper investment in one's character - which of course is the coin of the realm in designing a role playing game.

The Voice of the Old Republic Featurette [Gametrailers]


    Awww crap...

    I want to play this now....and I swore I'd never play an MMO.

    Goddamn BioWare.

    If EA made this Micro-Transaction based...they'd forever be Gods to me.

    If EA made this Micro-Transaction based…they’d forever be Devils to me.

    Did they get Wolverine (from the new animated series) to do the voice of the bounty hunter there? Seems just a little too gruff.

    Its an interesting idea, though I hope the gameplay is as interesting. I also cant shake the feeling that they are going to have less content because of all the voice acting. I mean content in terms of areas to explore, not story stuff.

    Also it seems like they are foregoing endgame content for re-playability (in that all the classes had different quests).

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