Gizmondo Honcho Gets 18 Months In Fängelse

That's Swedish for "the slammer." Bo Eriksson, lesser known for his role heading the failed portable called Gizmondo, more known for bizarre behaviour including wrecked cars and arson threats, is headed there.

According to the translation from a Swedish radio Web site, Eriksson is looking at 1.5 years in the pen. Some of the charges against him were dismissed, but enough stuck to make a judge seize his passport to keep him from fleeing while the sentence is affirmed. Gizmondo's history as a short-lived $US400 handheld, which crashed in its parent company's bankruptcy, has the added ignominy of being overshadowed by the man who killed it - Eriksson - whose wrecking of an illegally imported Ferrari Enzo back in 2006 is far more interesting than any of the 10 titles released for the platform.

Of course, Eriksson is such a charming rogue there's been discussion of his story, and Gizmondo's, heading to the big screen after a Wired piece on the fiasco was optioned. Prosecutors aren't calling the verdict a complete success, but Eriksson thinks the 18 months are "very strict," and his lawyer-mans is mum on word of an appeal.

Prison for Eriksson [Sveriges Radio P4 Uppland, via Engadget]


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