God Of War Movie Sticks To Game Plot Like Loincloth To Kratos

A writer over at CC2K claims to have gotten hold of a script for the upcoming God of War movie. And, having read that script, he proceeds to tell us all about it.

While a movie project can go through scores of screenplays, and none of what he reveals will be too big a shock to fans of the game (plus, you know, we can't even confirm this is real!), we're nevertheless going to throw up a spoiler warning on what follows.

For the most part, the writer says the plot of the film "slavishly" follows the plot of the game, from Kratos' deal with Ares to the murdering of his wife and child to his eventual attempts at killing the God of War. Until, that is, we reach the end of the film.

Then, instead of being offered Godhood and accepting, Kratos declines and casts himself off a cliff, saying as he hurtles towards his death, "Your turn, Hades...".

Sets up a sequel, which would also tie into the events of the second game, but still, makes you wonder why they followed the game so closely only to deviate at literally the very last second. Watchmen did a similar thing and pissed a lot of people off, can't really see the point of it.

Interestingly, the alleged script also mentions the visual look of the film, saying that (the writers at least) are envisaging a "hyper-realized" Ancient Greece, with Athens dominated by "300 foot-high walls, towers and aeries that stretch even higher".

Advance Script Review: God of War - Clash of the Titans on Steroids and Methamphetamines [CC2K, via VG247]


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