Goodbye Eidos, Hello Square Enix Europe

Square Enix's takeover of British publisher Eidos wasn't going to stop at just ownership. It's running all the way through to company names, with "Eidos" given the chop in favour of the more ominous "Square Enix Europe".

So the name "Eidos", which has long been associated with brands like Tomb Raider and Hitman, will be no more. It's a part of history.

In addition to the cuts being made to company names, cuts are also being made to company jobs, Eidos Chief Executive Phil Rogers saying, "Unfortunately we are expecting some jobs to be impacted directly by this in both Europe and North America. We are hoping to minimise this wherever possible and offer support and advice to any employees directly affected".

Square Enix Europe born [MCV]


    Yeah well Square, wanna save jobs? Dont spend the millions of dollars you're about to in changing the corporate name for christ sake, that might save a few thousand for at least a couple of years. I never have got why companies change names when the brand has already been established, its a bone-head move and I for one will miss the Eidos label.

    Good on 'em, Eidos have been a bloated published since the start. The amount of small developers they've driven into the ground, is criminal. I don't get why they still get to piss-fart around like they do.

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