Greenpeace Turns PS3, Wii, 360 Into Spokesmen Against Console Toxicity

Greenpeace today released three videos to highlight what they say is the presence of "highly toxic substances" in video game consoles.

The stop-motion videos turn the bits and pieces of the Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 into fictional spokesman defending the companies decisions.

About two years ago Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were added to Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics. The organisation said they added the companies to the list because of their use of toxic substances, including polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants, in the consoles.

Sony has not announced any plans to drop the use of the materials, while Microsoft says they will in 2011, according to Greenpeace. Nintendo says they will, but has not set a date, the organisation says.

"These videos contrast the weak excuses of console makers about toxics phase out with the very real impact of toxic chemicals when old electronics end up being dumped in the developing world,". said Tom Dowdall, Toxics campaigner at Greenpeace International. "Do Sony laptop users deserve fewer toxic chemicals than Playstation gamers?"

"It might be easy to dismiss consoles makers' low scores as not playing ball with Greenpeace, but in fact when users are getting toxic chemicals as unwanted and unneeded extras in their that shiny new console box, it's the consumer who's getting short changed", he added.



XBOX 360


    These are quite good.

    So, i wonder what Greenpeace did with the consoles they ripped apart after they shot the videos?
    Give the environment the "red ring of death"...roflmfao! That was pretty funny though.

    If Greenpeace were a credible organisation then I might take these seriously. But props on the animation... very nice.

    I really must stop chewing on my consoles.
    Seriously though, how often do you throw a console in the bin? You either sell it, trade it or just give it away. Even if it no longer works, you can sell the parts on ebay anyway.

    I really must stop eating off my ps3! lollll

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