GH5 Adds Song Specific Challenges For Longer Lasting Flavour

In addition to a crystal clear look at the virtual crotch of guitarist Carlos Santana, Activision and Neversoft's Guitar Hero 5 will be adding an extra layer of replayability for the hardcore gamer with song specific challenges.

According to a report from Destructoid, Guitar Hero 5 players won't be simply be seeking five star-rated performances, but will pursue Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level song challenges. Those include things like hitting note streaks of increasing difficulty, accruing dozens of hammer on/pull offs and nailing vocal parts that would elude casual players.

The reward? Local fame and unlockable goodies, of course. Gone is the series' use of money to buy things, replaced by Achievement-like Challenges.

Exclusive: Guitar Hero 5 Challenges revealed [Destructoid]


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