Guitar Hero 5 Gets Full Xbox 360 Avatar Support

Xbox 360 avatars will be able to jam in upcoming rhythm game Guitar Hero 5, Activision announced this morning.

The game will let players import and customise their avatars. Players will be able to choose the instrument each avatar plays, as well as choosing their band mates. The game will still have in-game characters including Guitar Hero classics like Judy Nails, Axel Steel and Lars Umlaut.

Guitar Hero 5 will also include a Create-A-Rocker mode with Guitar Hero clothing and accessories for the avatars.

The game, which features 85 tracks, is due out on Sept. 1


    Choose your own bandmates... FINALLY. Such an obvious thing, it's absurd it has taken so long to be able to do that.

    Crecente's really workin' that pole mic stand.

    ngl, I'm excited about using my avatar instead of the traditional characters. Last GH game I played was GH3 & Neversoft kind of butchered them; no idea what they're lookin' like recently.

    Hope Rare's psyched that they're finally being used! Only other game I can think of is Joy Ride, which looks cute. That Keflings thing doesn't count because it looks...stupid? :|

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