Halo Legends Anime Debut Trailer

We've seen the screenshots. Now, let's the Halo Legends anime in motion. Microsoft is teaming with five production houses for a series of seven short films called Halo Legends.

The creative director overseeing the production is Shinji Aramaki, director of Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina. The shorts will be available on DVD and via digital media next year, but will preview on Xbox LIVE this fall on the Halo Waypoint. Waypoint will also feature content including podcasts, trailers and screen shots, some of it exclusive to the "experience." Microsoft will also offer fans a "career system" and player rankings tied to "in-game and out-of-game accomplishments."


    i'm a halo fan & i'm just totally confused right now.
    like wtf are they doing... an anime short film or something?

    whats with the cartoon blonde dude who looks like someone from final fantasy. are these done by japanese companies cause if so, epic fail right there. This is a western franchise and not even the Japanese can give it the time of day when it shits all over there popular franchises.

    i don't really believe the Halo franchise is being necessarily milked, but this is definitely a big step in that direction. This worse than the novels they bring out, like the first few were okay - fit the storyline kinda. But now they are just going too far and messing with the plot & details on the Halo universe!

    this is, just, speechless cause i don't know whats going on...

    Bones's was clearly the coolest, Toei's looked like dragon ball z, lol.

    I'm a big fan of the Animatrix, believing it was a very successful way to explore the Matrix world and story outside of the films.

    But this... this just looks very ordinary. Maybe it's the trailer. Perhaps they could have spent less time with the stupid 3D titles and more time showing something interesting from the anime themselves? Seriously... most of the trailer is a pointless and not particularly attractive render.

    343 Industries.... given the way that Microsoft deals with IP, this really does just look like Milk Industries.

    What a horrible, horrible trailer for what could potentially be a very neat animated series, considering the rich (if not cliche) universe Halo has to play with.

    What you could see of the actual anime did not look too bad, but the trailer itself was shocking. As Womble said, less time on the stupid 3d title and more time showing something interesting would have been nice.

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