Halo: Legends Posters Will Change The Way You Think About Halo

The upcoming anime series, Halo: Legends, will be a little... different to what you normally expect from the franchise. That's what happens when you get people from Japan to work on it. But are you prepared for just howdifferent?

These are some posters for the project from each of the studios working on it. Some are just fine! We expecteda flying mech suit. What we didn't expect was a poster showing Master Chief trying to punch a monster from Spirited Away's bathhouse in the stomach. Or whatever the hell's going on in that one with the teddy bear and field of flowers.


    This might just actually make me want to engage the Halo IP.

      the novel fall of reach is what did it for me, its master cheif's origin story. just like star wars, the novels expand the way you look at everything in those games.

      it makes the differance between looking at the main character as master cheif(what your presented with in game) or as John 117(the personality and history defined in the novels, the man behind the mask).

      its kinda like boba fett, the differance between the helmet wearing bounty hunter with a personal history of hired by empire, kidnaps han, falls into pit of sarlac, shown in empire and jedi and the badass mando bounty hunter shown in the EU novels, games and origin scenes from episode 2.

    Why are people so hating on this?

    If they have an Aussie as one of the army guys it will make it.

      It's cool to hate anything Halo or Microsoft. Didn't you get the memo they passed around all those years ago?

      I can only assume you don't watch much anime if you're saying that. Australians in anime are almost invariably stock joke characters.

        Yep; sadly.


    I wonder if Jen Taylor gets paid more than $500 for this?

    Japanese are inscrutable as always.

    wow nothing like what i was expecting!

    MJOLNIR armour with jetpacks?!

    Can I get a Gundam Spartan? Spartan Champloo?

    Bleachtan? Sparuto?

    I just wet myself

    The small few seconds of the bones clip of that flying suit in action in the halo legends teaser is mad.

    I can't believe they actually wrote '1337' on Master Chief.

    This looks like someone went around croping halo character heads and placed them on Gundam pictures.

    Who said that was master chief?

    First time i seen the brutes in Halo Legends I thought IMMA FIRIN MAH... well heres the gif i made.


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