Halo: ODST Trailer

During the Comic-Con festivities, Microsoft dropped this trailer for Halo: ODST. And while the meat and potatoes looks just fine, anyone else think the trimmings - the music and voice acting - aren't quite up to Bungie's usual standards?


    Any cast that includes Nathan Fillion is an instant sale for me.

      Damn straight - Like ben said - Nathan Fillion = Instant Buy

    Ummm this trailer has been around for months.... and no i don't think there's anything wrong with the music and voice acting. And even if there was it's just a early trailer that sets the scene - not in any way representative of how music and voice acting will be withing the game play of the finished product.
    Plus i would look past anything just to see (or hear) members of the firefly cast working together again.

    I'd disagree, sounds much more polished than Halo 3 did, especially with the music. There's only so many times Halo 3 could play the same theme before I got bored of it.

      what tune are you talking about? the main one? i can only remember it playing twice in two high tempo scenes.

    That trailer is not new.

    Maybe they are pissed that Microsoft is cutting them loose?

    As far as I know, MS didn't show anything at Comicon that wasn't already shown at E3.

    About the only thing added were the extra justifications for why ODST is now a "full priced" game.

    Please feel free to correct.

    It's the audio production. The music is fine, the voice acting is fine - the mix and master of the video's audio track makes it seem flat, a little bland. If anything, the video production isn't up to Bungie's standard.

    God damnit KOTAKU, this is the 3rd time in a few weeks i've seen embassingly WRONG info when reporting video game news, this trailer was released at E3, do you guys even play games??

    What happened to kotaku!!

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