Halo Talk Abruptly Ends Gearbox Interview

Gearbox's top dog, Randy Pitchford, talked about Borderlands and whatnot for five minutes, then someone asked about rumours of Halo 4 and Pitchford's reaction was enough to freak the PR-mans.

Borderlands forms the crux of the chat, then comes a curveball question to the CEO at 5:09 of this video - "Oh, we nearly forgot! Are you making a Halo game for Microsoft?"

Pitchford at first tries to laugh it off, and you hear the PR liaison in the background mumble something, while Pitchford brings the conversation back to Borderlands, and then mentions Aliens: Colonial Marines, and this is media training 101. But Pitchford's follow-up doesn't finish the job.

"It's no secret that we have some other things in development," Pitchford said.

"Is one of those Halo?" asks his questioner.

"Haha! We're not going to talk about anything," Pitchford replies, and it sounds like someone is stepping in to end the discussion right there.

This of course is confirmation of nothing. It's denial of nothing, too, but one gets the sense this was a total surprise question, and the way it was handled will certainly keep tongues wagging.

The Eurogamer TV Show: Borderlands [Eurogamer via Gamers Reports]


    As far as I'm concerned that's a confirmation.

    I don't think i want Gearbox developing a Halo game.

    Rumours are saying its Halo 4 for the next console. But why would MS give the 360 a lifespan to around 2014. Of corse they don't want people knowing WHEN but still, the 360 hasn't even nearly finished its corse.

    I just don't see Halo swinging well with a Gearbox touch. They may have done the PC port of the original Halo, but still, please no!

    He's prob just creating more speculation. Publicity & all.

    I was just thinking that an Infinity Ward touch would be PRETTY awesome. But no way - developers like IW - who have created some BIG games and sold a lot, don't touch those sort of franchises. Like Halo is massive and so is Call of Duty so if IW ever did something else, it would be totally new IP.

    Someone developing Halo would be someone who needs Halo for their company. I just hope MS give Halo a break as much as i love it and give Bungie time to do their thing and then ask them to do Halo when they're ready.

    2010 - Halo: Reach
    2011 - Bungies new project thats been in works for 12 months.
    2012 - Expansions to that project or something. Keep developing of their next big thing.
    2013 - Their next Halo project which would give Xboxers that last bit of craving before the new Xbox.

    I just hope Bungie throw Halo away. They created it, MS obviously i think own the naming rights when they merged. But to throw away the thing your most well known for and for doing it so brilliantly, is just tragic. I gather Bungie handed over rights when they went Independent again, thats how it worked out for them to become indie.

    Ending a discussion abruptly after a question like that is worth 1000 Press Releases.

    But still, till someone comes out and says "We're doing Halo 4" you need to take it all with a grain of Salt.

    I thought this was confirmed ages ago, with Ryan Payton from Kojima Productions leading the project?

      Not that it refutes your question, but Ryan Payton is at Microsoft Game Studios now, not Kojimo Productions. Probably lends it some credence, actually.

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