Hands On With Xbox 360's New Dashboard

This morning Microsoft sent the much-anticipated Xbox 360 dashboard update to a group of game writers to check out before it hits officially on Aug. 11.

In this video I give you a quick overview of the dashboard's main screen, looking at the new sign-in, the new look for achievements and the ability to drop into a Xbox Live Arcade game directly from the achievement screen.

Check back in a few for a deeper look at the new Netflix and Avatar Marketplace, now featuring Halo 3, Fable 2 and The Secret of Monkey Island clothing.


    Microsoft really do love changing their dashboards dont they?

      Well i guess when they are getting our hard-earned dollars, they don't really need to think before putting in a new dashboard - If they get bored with it, why not bring in a new one. Who cares what the customers think.

    the gamertag/ party thing in the corner has been there for ages. nothing new about that.

    Sorry to say, but the icon, your gamertag and the scrolling of your msgs, gamerscore and friends online up in the top right corner has been there since NXE launch last year. I look at it regularly when I'm away from my controller and want to see if I have any msgs. =D

    Also the launching into arcade games feature from the dash isn't all that great seeing as you can do the same thing just by pressing your guide button at any time =/ I just hope that the "if disconnected from party, you will automatically be re-connected from now on" function actually works.

    That was pretty pointless. The gamerpicture in the top right has always been there. As well as the messages. So basically you showed us.......?

    Has this guy even used his 360 before? All of the things he pointed out asides from the achievements are already on the dash.

    The avatar picture being in the top right corner of the screen has always been there, along with it displaying who is in your party and how many points/friends/gamer score

    half the things you mentioned are already in the current dashboard...

    Could be easy to miss, but just so you know, the stuff relating to the top-right corner has been there for quite a while now. Your messages, gamerscore and friends in the party.

    I'm liking the new achievement rundown frame though.

    They should call it the new McDashboard

    Every single thing in this video (except for the achievements menu and "Solutions") is already on the dashboard... is this really supposed to be the next major update??

    I love reading the same comment over and over.

    I love reading the same comment over and over.

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