Happy Bungie Day!

On the seventh day of the seventh month, the team at Bungie crawled out of their darkened office to take on the world in Halo 3, during their annual Bungie Day celebration.

Bungie has a thing for the number seven, documented by the research team at Halopedia, and so they picked July 7th (7/7) as the date for their annual celebration of all things Bungie and Bungie fan related. To celebrate, they'll be taking on all comers all day long, with Halo 3 Recon armour up for grabs for anyone who manages to beat them at their own game. To make things a little easier, they've created a Bungie Vs. The World playlist, consisting of 35 user-created maps, placing them at a very slight tactical disadvantage. They'll probably still destroy you, but they won't be at all comfortable doing it.

Other Bungie Day festivities include the launch of their Bungie Pro Video service, formerly known as Render-to-Video, the Bungie Pro Podcast, the return of Roger's Recon Hunt, and a first look at Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore showing up on their website later today.

It's not too late to call in sick, Halo fans! If you are already at work, I've often found that unravelling a cigarette and swallowing a pinch of tobacco gives you an excellent temporary green around the gills look, and if you time it right you could hurl right in front of your boss, guaranteeing you a one-way ticket to Halo 3 in your underwear.

Bungie Day Begins [Bungie]


    I don't understand how this works. How can 180 000 people play against a few dozen Bungie employees.

    They'll probably have a killing queue, anyone surviving a few rounds gets a prize.

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