Heroes Of Might And Magic Knock-Off Headed To IPhone, Perhaps Free

The team behind mobile game Palm Heroes is working on porting the popular turn-based strategy game to the iPhone. The team hopes to raise enough donations to deliver it to the platform for free.

The turn based strategy game, originally developed for cell phones, includes six classes, 48 heroes, 4 skills and 22 secondary skills. The game also has a slew of resources for gathering, four types of magic, lots of artifacts and 36 creature types. All of this is spread out over 100 maps.

The iPhone version of the game, seen above, will include plenty of new finger swiping controls and fairly dandy, though sorta tiny, graphics.

Heroes Palm for the iPhone will be released to the App Store for free once the "required donation" has been met. Unfortunately, they don't say what that amount is, only that they are currently less than a full percent toward meeting their goal.

[Thanks Cameron]


    The iPhone has been absolutely begging for a HoMM2/3 port ever since it launched.

    This looks like the bees knees. Put me down as a donator!

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