Hey Jerry Bruckheimer, Why Do Movie Games Suck?

It's a good question! One that Jerry Bruckheimer - with his silver screen experience and interest in the games business - is well-placed to answer.

Speaking with Games Radar, the ginger fox (and overseer of the upcoming Prince of Persia flick) answers with "I couldn't tell you that. They just haven't quite captured the imagination of the audience yet, but they will. I think it will definitely happen, whether we do it or other people do it."

Well, hopefully you do it. I'm not paying $US10-15 just to see Jake Gyllenhaal prance around with his shirt off... more than one or two times.

Can Jerry Bruckheimer attract female gamers? [Games Radar]


    "They just haven’t quite captured the imagination of the audience yet" because they just haven't quite made an game-to-movie adaptation that treats that audience, or the source material, with any respect whatsoever yet.

      So true...

      Seriously though how hard is it to get a decent script? I wouldn't mind a direct movie rip off and for the film to be a 'hands free' version of said game.

      Game to film suck and usually the other way too, we all know this.

    it is because games are based on cheesy cliched movie moments already. so movies based on games are based on cheesy cliched movie moments anyway. the story is still second to the action and gameplay.

    these days it isnt just movies based on games that suck, it is movies in general. Terminator and transformers are just the beginning. it will get worse as long as movies like transformers makes a killing at the box office. they blame piracy for the decline in movie sales (cinema, rentals) but fail to look at the lack of decent movies coming out. they just are not worth the cost of a movie ticket or blu-ray disc.

    Cause they're developed in so little time. They use engines such as Unreal Engine on its most basic setting most likely. They don't use a budget or time so push the Engine like Gears did.

    This is why they look and play like crap!

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