Hey Nintendo, Why Aren't Core Third Party Games Selling?

Third party Wii titles like MadWorld and The Conduit are aimed towards core gamers. And...they're not selling so hot. Why the heck not? Tons of people own Nintendo Wii consoles.

According to Nintendo's Denise Kaigler, "You know, I don't know. It's hard to say. It could be titles have the same type of sales curve that a lot of Nintendo titles have. A lot of Nintendo titles don't follow that traditional sales curve where they launch big and then that's it. Our titles have a long tail. They build in popularity, and this could be the case with MadWorld and The Conduit. I've played both. I'm not a core gamer, and I found that they were challenging and fun."

In its first month on sale in the US, action title MadWorld sold around 66,000 copies. Meanwhile, first-person-shooter The Conduit sold 72,000 copies from its June 23 launch to the end of the June sales period.


Q&A: Nintendo's Kaigler on Slowing Wii Sales, Hardcore Games [GameLife via CVG via VG247]


    Games aimed a core gamers, which a non-core gamer found 'challenging and fun', but aren't so much for the target market.

    I think you answered your question Nintendo.

    Most core gamers have moved on, the Wii now seems like a system for non-gamers.

    I was a true Nintendo fan, but there are now no new games for the Wii that interest me.

      Very much the same for me. I was solely Nintendo for nearly a decade. Purchased a Wii on release in the hopes it'd go above and beyond what I enjoyed previously and I've been sorely disappointed.

      I've shifted to Microsoft now, I doubt I'll give the next Nintendo product the light of day unless they do an about-face.

    My personal opinion, and by no means unique, is that the core gamer is simply not that interested in the Wii. What is a core gamer? Well I would consider myself a core gamer, having grown up on games and regularly playing games, insofar as considering it as one of my defining pastimes/interests. I would also consider myself old enough to a) choose my own games and b) pay for my own games. This means that as a core gamer, I am able to buy games for other platforms, which I believe offer better core games (actually the Wii is the only modern console I own, but I still buy 360 games and borrow a friend's console to play them).

    The point I'm trying to make is that most core gamers who would be interested in playing core games simply play them on other consoles. MadWorld and The Conduit interest me and all, being core games as they are, but when it comes down to it I'd rather spend my money, and more importantly, time, playing something else.

    As for why there are millions of Wii's but very little sales of these core games (and conversely very large sales of other non-core games), I think it's simply because there are not enough people who are both interested in and able to buy those games. The majority of Wii owners I believe are young children for whom their gaming choices are dictated by parents alien to gaming. You're a little kid who gets to pick one game a year, you'll pick something popular, like Mario or Pokemon. You're a little kid who gets continual video game treats from your parents, it'll be Carnival Games or MySims Racing. You're a little kid who gets exactly what you want, you're spoilt and you've probably got a 360 or PS3 instead (or all three).

    TL;DR - I'm a core gamer and I only own a Wii, yet I'd still rather buy a core game on the 360 and borrow a console to play it.


    Nintendo alienated the core gamer with their terrible customer service and general attitude over the first years of the Wii.

    I personally wound up putting my eggs in the microsoft basket and found a console with ample appealing titles and an exceptional online service which is easy to use and doesn't treat me like a child molester.

    If the 360 had not had the early hardware difficulties it did I think the story of this generation would have been grossly in their favour by now.

    Nintendo's asinine pricing structure (AU$300 for DSi, AU$400 for Wii) is, if it's not hurting them in the non-gamer sector yet, must at least be killing them in the core gamer sector who have a far better idea of the value of a product than fadsters.

    Nintendo have found appealing to non-gamers very rewarding obviously, and I applaud their attempt to broaden their horizons, but unfortunately they did not use their record profits to cater to their loyal customers at the same time. They didn't broaden their horizons at all, they just sailed off in another direction and left their supporters on a desert island with a low-res, low-impact fat-camp on it.

      That's a little unfair isn't it? Looking at Nintendo itself, the majority of games they have produced have suited 'core gamers' as well, such as the Metroid, Zelda, and Mario series.

      I think the problem is that Nintendo is just one company which limits how many games they can produce. It all then comes down to third-party developers, which, unfortunately, will take advantage of the large casual market and produce trashy mini-game titles instead of what could have been a 'core game'.

        Let's not forget them shooting themselves on the foot by cancelling Project Zero 4 =P

        That aside... end of the day though.. it's just the "wii = kiddy/non gamer" attitude coupled w/ just no decent "mass core" games...

        I'm personally still waiting for the Tales of Symphonia 2 game if it ever comes out here.. and there is Muramasa, JU-On and Fragile coming out =D While I think those 3 would definitely be worth my time but its obvious their pretty much "niche" category.

        What the console really needs as has everyone has been ragging about is a 3rd party console on the same calibre and commitment as 1st party titles. And the ones that are NOT mini game derived =P

    Simple: The games aren't very good. MadWorld had a great style, but the gameplay was simply lacking. To be honest it felt like a dumbed-down brawler designed to fit the Wii's (limiting?) control scheme. I was bored by the third or forth level and haven't touched it since.

    And from what I've seen, Conduit's getting mixed reviews at best.

    I'm guessing that for "core gamers" (however you define it) the Wii is a secondary gaming platform at best. And with clearly superior shooters and fighting games on the PC, PS3 and 360, is it any wonder they'd spend their money else where?

    Make some GOOD games targeted at "core gamers" on the Wii, that actually hold their own against the competition on other platforms, and people might buy them.

    Only game on the wii I'm hanging out for is Monster Hunter Tri.

    But yes, I see the wii as a secondary platform, for when I'm drunk/have not so nerdy friends over.

    Why do we only ever see first month sales? I'd consider myself a "hard-core" gamer, but that doesn't mean i'm necessarily going to buy a game in it's first few weeks of sale. Sometimes you wait a month or so for the price drop. It'd be interesting to see some long term sales figures.

    it's not just madworld and conduit, it's little king's story, zack & wiki, okami and will 99% likely be muramasa, arc rise fantasia, fragile, tatsunoko, sky crawlers, spyborgs, tales of graces. I only own a Wii, I'm a 15 year long gamer, and I salivate over the 360/PS3 games for sure, but I've had such a good time with the Wii titles.
    one thing, they are all new IP, is that an issue?? core titles do sell well, but generally those based on franchises. ninty eschewing franchises was a big mistake - no f-zero, 1080, waverace or starfox.
    the DS followed the same trajectory as Wii, but is now flooded with insanely hardcore RPGs, equal with the SNES & PS2 for greatest RPG library. frankly, the Wii won't improve, and devs will soon give up if they haven't already when they can make a buck with rubbish.
    thank you marvelous, x-seed, namco and capcom, you keep me and my Wii alive.

    Wii games are subpar, I only use it for nintendo titles like zelda smashbros and metroid these days. If they released good games for it I might consider it but the graphics are lacking the controls are rubbish (I use a gc controller whenever i can) and lets not forget that madworld is black and white which turns alot of people off and the conduit is a shooter on a console...

      Shooters are among the best selling games on consoles.

      But you are right, honestly I beleive the sub-par power of the Wii hurts it more than originally thought.

      Also, finally, I dont want to see another Mario game, nor a Zelda game nor a Metroid one. I want to see Nintendo develop a new franchise.

    I personally think Nintendo abandoned the core-gamers for the casual gamer. With the top 10 selling games all being Wii/DS, Nintendo really did make a good choice in terms of profit.

    I also think nintendo dind't make the Wii very Hardcore-gamer friendly. I find the wii network hard to use, and the connection(over SSBB atleast) is worse than dialup in the middle of a desert. Any serious gamer would surely prefer a 360/PS3 network over this.

    Many spot on comments guys & grrls!.

    NINTENDO would do well to read them very carefully if they care for their long time and previously very loyal "core" customers.

    After all, may of us have moved on and we aren't as easily lured back now that we are getting older with less disposable income.

    Many who have switched to the opposition may not be able to afford to support 2 (or more) consoles this generation and will probably stick with our new 360/PS3, even if Ninty does plan on releasing some tasty treats aimed at us.

    I sold off my Wii a long time back now... though Galaxy 2, New SMB Wii, HOD, Punchout, Sin & Punishment 2, all look fun ....I cant afford them as I have been spending all my money on Sanwa Arcade Sticks and retro updates on Live for my 360.

    If, like me you own a Gamecube as well as a Wii you get even less enjoyment out of the Wii. All the Gamecube games they are re-releasing frustrate the bejesus out of me. The main use I put my Wii too is playing Virtual Console games and using it in conjunction with my DS. I hope other software developers will lift their game and start developing for the Wii instead of just doing a sub-standard port of a 360/PS3 title with motion control wedged in. But then, why would they? I don't know what the sales figures are for a game like Ninjabread Man, but I bet they are depressingly high. Still, I do hold out hope for the Wii but some of Nintendo's decisions regarding Australia are eroding even this.

    I didn't buy either of em because they've been scoring so-so on reviews. I don't tend to pay full price for a game that doesn't get an average review of 8.5 or more (out of 10).

    More Japanese Wii owners or Nintendo owners are the HARDCORE you could say gamers with Nintendo consoles. I mean you have the Mario franchises & Zelda and with the motion and the Wii you have even more 'casual' party type games with Wii Sports, Music, Wii Fit and all that.

    So for gamers in Aus & the US, Nintedo hasn't always been the market leader. That was Sony for the past two generations. Sony & MS specialize in FPS & RPGs & more owners on them are hardcore in those regions.

    Most people own a FPS or a 360 or PS3 than a Wii. Not only that FPS are that popular in Japan so games like Madworld can really only cater to the US, Europe & Aus and from my point of view only cater to little few who are 'hardcore' gamers who like FPS but need to own a Wii, where i view most of Wii owners are casual and dont play it often or have since sold it or its in a cupboard or never gets turned on.

    Thats why more western titles do better on the 360 & PS3.

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