Hey, Prototype's Cheap Today!

Attention, budget conscious gamers, Amazon.com is giving you a chance to snag a copy of Prototype on the cheap. Well, maybe not cheap, but extremely reasonable. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game is your deal of the day.

Fahey seemed to like it enough in his Prototype review. And if you happened to like Radical's Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, you'll probably like this one too. Reduced to just $US39.98 for the console versions, a mere $US29.98 for the Games For Windows edition, you can't leave it on the virtual store shelf! Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Thanks to our tipsters for the heads up!

Prototype - Deal of the Day [Amazon]


    I got this deal in my email. After celebrating I tried to buy it... hey guess what, they only ship it via courier, which was AUS$47. Meaning it ends up slightly more expensive than buying it locally. FFFFFFFFFF

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