Hey, Who Won Those Copies of ArmA II?

arma-ii-screen-06Our ArmA II competition is closed. So it's time to reveal the winners. Exciting, yes?

Way back in mid-July we announced plans to give away ten copies of the excellent - if a little intimidating - PC shooter military simulation ArmA II, which if you didn't know is the new game from the guys who made Operation Flashpoint.

Being a shooter military simulation, we figured it'd be a good idea to get you all thinking like army generals in order to win. We asked you to submit your battle plan for winning the competition.

Entries came pouring in. We received loads of 'shopped photos and images, bundles of prose, scripts, audio recordings, songs, mash-ups, Flash animations and videos, Powerpoint slideshows, newspaper clippings, tonnes of maps and one cheeky animated gif.

But we could only pick ten.

The nature of the comp makes it hard to post up all the winning entries for you to check out. But here's five of them, to start with. They're all pics, which makes it easy. Click to see the full-size image.

Alistair D drew upon the ANZAC spirit. Quite literally, in fact.


Andrew B's win ensures the first two winners are also the two entries we picked out at random two weeks ago. What a spooky coincidence.


Gary P also drew a map, but clearly had the most effective strategy in place.


Harley P produced the most badass entry we received, albeit the only one too.


Oliver R provided this compelling documentary evidence to prove he'd already won.


Congrats guys, I'll be in touch soon to collect your details. Stay tuned for the other five winners, coming as soon as I can figure out how to showcase them up shortly!



    I've been lacking in the good computer game department these days, just playing diablo 2 and guild wars

    Hey, I won something! Awesome!

    im guessing we will have to wait till monday for the second batch of winners... =(...
    cant wait... =)

    Yay! I've been so tempted to pick this up every time I walk into JB. Can't wait to play it.

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