Hinting At Western Release Of Tales Of Vesperia PS3

Former Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia is coming to the PS3 in Japan later this year. But it might be coming to the English speaking world, too.

In the demo's embedded code, English and Japanese descriptions of unused skills were found:

Gun Support / ガンサポート
- サブ組の際、戦闘フィールド外から、一定の確率で拳銃で攻撃する。
- An inactive ally will occasionally attack with gun from outside the battlefield. Magic Guard S / マジックガードS
- マジックガード中、物理ダメージも防御できる。
- Reduce physical damage during Magic Guard. Flash / フラッシュ
- 物理攻撃を防御すると、3秒分の無敵時間を得る。
- Nullified all enemy's attack after doing a physical guard. Lasts for 3 sec only. Flash 2 / フラッシュ2
- 魔術攻撃を防御すると、5秒分の無敵時間を得る。
- Nullified all enemy's attack after doing a magic guard. Lasts for 5 sec only. Guardian 2 / 明鏡止水
- 烈砕衝破を薔薇輪に変化させ る。
- Changes Crushing Eagle To SouBiRin.

English descriptions in a Japanese demo, that is. We'd be more surprised if Namco Bandai didn't release an English language version.

Western PS3 Tales of Vesperia Hinted At [Tales Union Thanks Kyle!]


    What I really want to know is if Star Ocean's gonna end up on the PS3. I really don't want to go out and buy it only to find out later the PS3's getting an upgraded version.

      Same here... I don't currently own either console and I do like the sound of both ToV and SO4 but I don't wanna get an Xbox just for those games as I like the PS3 better as a console...

        Well if it makes you feel any better SO was done by Tri-Ace/Square. Most of the time their ports are pretty much exactly the same so u normally wouldn't miss out on anything..

        As opposed to Namco/Bandai who have a habit of always re-releasing games on other consoles w/ added content =P

    Some English in Japanese games isn't exactly a foreign concept. But I do hope that ToV does come out as I'm looking forward to it if it's half as good as Symphonia was.

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