Holy Crap, These Queen's Blade Promo Images Are Suggestive

If Namco Bandai didn't have an issue with splattering milk on characters for simulation role-playing-game Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos, than these promotional cards should pose zero problems.

These promo cards are available at Japanese retailers like Sofmap and Gamers and features illustrations from famed artists. They also feature boobs. You know, boobs?

Queen's Blade is originally a Lost Worlds style "combat picture book game" and has been published in Japan for the last couple of years. Queen's Blade features only female characters, and its spin-off series Queen's Gate has showcased the likes of Iroha (Samurai Shodow), Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) and Dizzy (Guilty Gear).

Queen's Blade has also been spun off into an anime and the upcoming PSP game Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos, which will be released December 17 in Japan.

『クイーンズブレイド スパイラルカオス』店舗特典が判明 [Famitsu]


    damn !

    Have you seen the anime?
    You wouldn't be surprised by this,
    but even so, it's so bad it's not really worth watching.

    I was gonna say... Queen's Blade is ero to start off with!! But yeah, blah2 has it - not that great.

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