How About Scribblenauts On Other Platforms, Eh?

Scribblenauts looks awesome. Awesome, that is, if you've got a Nintendo DS. But what if you don't?

Then you will read the following statement from 5th Cell's Marius Fahlbusch and you will cross your fingers and you will hope:

VG247: Is there any chance of this ever coming to other platforms? It would work well on PC, for example.

MF: Unfortunately, I cannot comment on it at this point. But the concept would definitely work on other platforms as well and we've seen gamers from very different backgrounds pick it up and enjoy it equally.

Yes, it would work. 5th Cell obviously pitched the game at the DS because it's cheap to develop for, and being a brave new title that was a safe bet. But now that the game's got hype? No reason it won't work on other systems. Especially the PC, via Steam.

5th Cell - Scribblenauts would "definitely work on other platforms" [vg247]


    Iphone. Make it happen.

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