How Accurate Is Sony's New Motion Controller? Army Accurate

With the Wii Remote, Nintendo has motion controls. With Natal, Microsoft has it. With its new wand controller, Sony once again has it, too.

Sony is no stranger to motion controllers. The EyeToy and the SIXAXIS both have offered players interactive motion controlled Sony experiences.

With increased competition, Sony is trying to remain competitive with its new wand motion controller that was debuted at E3. The company could very well have an ace up its shelf: The controller, reports Sony, is incredibly accurate.

"What most people are really surprised about is the precision," Sony's Kish Hirani tells game site Eurogamer. "It's scarily good. The army has had this sort of technology for a long time, so a lot of academians have seen these things, but when you see a consumer space device with this level of accuracy — that's when developers say, 'Wow.'"

Something else that might make developers say "wow"? It's possible to set the colour of the controller's light up ball. "I'm not a games designer, but if I was I might use it as a muzzle flash if you're using a gun, or use it as a paintbrush you can use to dip in and pick up different colours," Hirani adds. "There's always room for wizards..." Colour could also come in handy for when four of these controllers are used at once.

Another tidbit? The new controller will have buttons. Buttons are nice!

Sony's new motion controller [Eurogamer][Pic]


    Doesn't look too bad - but limited in my view. I always find it funny that in all of the "motion control" debates between consoles no-one points out that it was Microsoft that tried it first (not very successfully) with Motocross Madness and their Sidewinder gamepads... The Wii isn't "hardcore" enough but props to a console that can get my Grandma to play :) I think Natal will blend with games better as opposed to being the only controller like the wand or wiimote, eg mirroring your actions in rock band or allowing you to turn your head while using a steering wheel in forza... just my 2 cents...

    My favourite part about this 'motion controller war' is that all 3 consoles are going in (relatively) different directions. It will basically mean any title that uses these technologies will be exclusive to that platform, and hopefully give us a nice variety of games.

    I think its an interesting turn in this generations console wars. However i think stating that Nintendo's success rides on its new controller is a false assumption.

    It would be more correct to say that it was three things:
    a) a new and interesting control scheme
    b) the lowest price point
    c) changed the marketing focus of its console from gamers to everyone.

    The motion controller was simply a hook, to change its image from that of a gaming console, to being more like a fancy electronic toy. Then factor its price point with appeal to people outside the gaming mainstream and the reason for the Wii's success would be more apparent.

    While its nice that Sony and Microsoft are trying to appeal to everyone, its important to see that there are barriers to the broader adoption of these consoles.

    PS3 is price point and games library, what made sony the big winner with the last generation was that there console had a good user base, then became very affordable and had a huge library of titles.

    M$ xbox suffered from a different problem, mass market appeal. For all intents and purposes the 360 is a hardcore console. Just thinking about the culture on xbox live and the marketing within and around the console should show everyone who its target audience is.

    Wii overcame both these obstacles, but at a cost of some of its hardcore gaming fan base.

    What will be interesting to watch will be the adoption of these controllers, while all are gimmicky, the Wii is for most a casual toy with nifty controllers. Where as the PS3 and 360 are hardcore consoles with traditional console gaming hardware. If what i have been saying proves true there may not be much development for these motion systems and the majority will be ports FROM the Wii, as this is where the market lies.

    I just don't see a proper gaming experience of driving a imaginary car wheel, or pretending to fire a gun.

    A lot of what is being talked about with Natal, can already be done on the Eye, this just might make sony pull it out a bit and actually start developing things for the Eye, along with the new wand.

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